Independent Audit Highlight's significant FACTORS that are or will impact on owners or persons in control of The Workplace and offer SOLUTIONS aimed at minimising risk and consequential losses associated  with incidents

The safety, health and well being of the workplace's employees is to be treated as the highest priority.  It is our duty to create awareness of health and safety issues likely to affect all Employees, Customers and Sub Contractors.

  • provide to all Employees induction training
  • employee's manual
  • position descriptions for employees
  • Workplace Health and Safety training
Duties of The Employer
  • maintain competent employees
  • maintain safe place of work
  • maintain safe plant and appliances
  • maintain safe system of work
Allocation of Responsibility
  • Senior Management of Workplace
  • devise and administrate the Workplace Health and Safety program
  • hold regular meetings with  employees and discuss Workplace Health and Safety issues and incident
  • take effective action to provide and  maintain  a safe and healthy workplace

Can Happen if no system in place

  • All Employees and Contractors

  • to co-operate and work collectively in Workplace Health and Safety programs
  • to promote and to engage in participation for a safe work place
  • have a sound knowledge of Workplace Health and Safety
  • become familiar with the use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • become familiar with emergency procedures
  • check products are used in the intended manner
  • check all emergency equipment
  • identify and report hazards
  • not endanger their own health and safety or that of others at the workplace
  • follow instructions given to ensure health and safety

  • Non Employees

The Workplace is to ensure the safety of the public while they are within the building by

  • adequate and appropriate maintenance of equipment
  • correct safety and directional signage


  • maintain records of approved contractors and service companies to carry out work in the Workplace
  • ensure their insurance coverage is appropriate
  • ensure maintenance records are kept
Purchasing Controls

  • authorisation of orders (including Workplace Health and Safety responsibilities on orders documents)
  • material safety data sheets
  • electrical appliance testing
  • comply with the Australian Standards
  • health issues are addressed
  • Safety officer required over 30 employees
  • safety committees to be setup within the Workplace
Safety Audits
The Safety Audit will identify the current level of Workplace Health and Safety performance through:
  • a process of risk identification, assessment and control of hazards to personal injury or disease
  • The assessment of compliance with Legislation requirements
  • the evaluation of the effectiveness of the current operating Workplace Health and Safety systems
Risk Control
  • elimination of risk hazards at source
  • substitute the process, method, substance, machine
  • isolation of risk or hazard
  • reduce exposure to hazard
  • utilise PPE
Emergency procedures and evacuation
  • ensure safety procedures are in place for customers and employees
  • practice evacuation procedures
  • Training to be carried out
Fire Safety and Egress
  • ensure fire exits are maintained
  • fire fighting equipment is maintained
  • audit emergency lighting  systems
  • Training been carried out
Registration of Workplace
  • to be maintained by Workplace management
Certificates of Competency
  • ensure all trade certificates and operating licenses are current
  • ensure the employees are aware of this requirement
Incidents and Accidents
  • All incidents of injury, illness and occurrence to be recorded in a central point
  • All incidents to be accessed and investigated
  • Serious Bodily Injury, Work Related Illness or Dangerous Occurrence to be reported to the Division of Workplace Health and Safety within 24 hrs of incident if person is admitted to Hospital.
  • All fatal injuries are reported to Division of Workplace Health and Safety and Police immediately
  • Maintain up to date records of all maintenance and testing
  • Plant be maintained to manufactures specification
  • Inspected by a component person on regular basis
  • comply with the relevant Australian Standard

First Aid Officer
  • appoint First Aid Officers with in the complex and one person in Workplace Management office
  • security officers to be First Aid Officers
  • check certificates on regular basis

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